A new horizon for the mineral exploration in Brazil

27th – 30th November 2022, Ouro Preto/MG – Parque Metalúrgico

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27th – 30th November 2022, Ouro Preto/MG – Parque Metalúrgico

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27th – 30th November 2022, Ouro Preto/MG – Parque Metalúrgico

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The Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration – SIMEXMIN organized by the Agency for the Development and Innovation of the Brazilian Mining Sector – ADIMB is a biennial event designed to be the appropriate environment to foster interaction of industry professionals with the academia and government sectors to proactively discuss the major advances, current challenges and the future of mineral exploration and mining in Brazil.

Looking back over its recent editions, the VII SIMEXMIN in 2016 took place in a moment of strong crisis in the mineral sector driven by the instability of the mineral commodity market, harsh decrease in investments, allied with internal political and legal factors. As a contrast, in 2018, the VIII SIMEXMIN was held under a new scenario, with the gradual, but steady, recovery of mineral exploration activities leveraged by the recovery of the mineral market and, equally important, by government-induced innitiatives that conferred a more regulatory stability for the sector.

In 2020, the year of the IX SIMEXMIN, the world was devasted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The mineral industry was also severely affected during the pandemic, but nevertheless, had the best economic performance amongst the other industrial sectors in Brazil. This positive result was possible due to the increasing demand for mineral commodities, fueled by the gradual global economic recovery after the pandemic peak. However, with the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19, the IX SIMEXMIN had to be postponed and happened 100% virtual only in the second semestre of 2021.

ADIMB has now, in 2022, the great satisfaction to announce that the X Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration – X SIMEXMIN 2022, will take place, 100% in person, on November 27th -30th, traditionally at the Parque Metalúrgico “Augusto Barbosa” Convention Center, in the cozy town of Ouro Preto (MG).

The X SIMEXMIN 2022 technical program will be divided into twelve technical sessions with talks delivered by industry, academia and government experts in a broad variety of themes related to mineral exploration and mining in Brazil.  The event will also include a poster session with the aim at promoting cutting-egde works on mineral exploration generated by Economic Geology research groups from universities and research institutions in Brazil. The III National Meeting on Economic Geology will be also part of the event under the auspice of the Brazil´s SEG Student Chapters.

Sponsorship opportunities with their benefits and details for the acquisition of booths for the ExpoSimexmin are provided on this website.

In this context, ADIMB will be honored to have your company or institution as part of the X SIMEXMIN 2022, where geological knowledge, technical experiences, services, products, networking and businesses may all be shared to the benefit of the Brazilian mining sector.








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